Melbourne Tea Festival

The Melbourne Tea Festival falls conveniently near my birthday each year, which allows a certain feeling of treating myself. That said, I was positively sensible this time around, and came away with a single jar of tea (and a long wish list of others).

As with any event in Melbourne, going early as possible is the secret to an enjoyable day. We arrived at 9AM, when the doors opened, and spent an hour ambling amongst relaxed stallholders and enjoying generous cups of freshly-brewed tea. I started the day with Love Tea’s Honey Chai, which was made as I waited. There was, though it hardly seemed possible, even more chai than last year. I tried only two, and otherwise kept my tasting cup free of cinnamon. The Honey Chai was quite charming, and I already regret not picking some up.

The stallholders were all lovely, the displays enticing, and the tea was lovely, though some black teas suffered from being a bit over-brewed and bitter.

We spent quite some in the Tea Garden stall, admiring their subscription boxes and bold tea blends. The Maple Chai attracted a lot of attention – smelling and tasting just like pancakes! Lindzi picked up the Vanilla Cream Oolong, and I chose the Espresso Mar-Tea-Ni, a black tea and coffee bean blend. I’ve always been intrigued by coffee/tea blends, and I’ve not had the chance to taste one before. Do they work? Or is it just sacrilegious to even try? (I brewed some up as soon as I returned home, and it was both curious and delightful). I have to admit, I was also greatly sold on the cute packaging!

Also worth a mention, Those Girls Beverage Co. The hot apple cider was heavenly, and I’m a little bit in love with their Pineapple and Sage green tea. If you are in Australia, you can find them here. I’ll be trying to figure out how to make an iced tea even half as delightful in my own kitchen. I was happy to see Perfect South again, with their range of incredibly mellow and lovely Australian-grown green tea. I have the Caramel Genmaicha in my tea cabinet, and the scent is as heavenly as the taste.

The ‘Tea I’d Most Like To Try’ award goes to the Satsuma Raven tea from Storm in a Teacup – I will get my hands on it one day!



  1. I didn’t get to try something from the tea garden, it was so hard to view all the tea stalls because I’m too short and people sort of pushed in the way. You definitely picked a nice selection of tea. I hope the coffee tea is nice too.

    I was trying so hard to looks for a nice sleepy time tea that didn’t contain lavender because I can’t handle the smell very well and will keep me awake. Hopefully there will be more tea fill journal-ing in the future 😀

    • Oh gosh, I feel you on the people pushing thing.Thankfully the whole place was very empty when we got there, which was quite lovely. The coffee tea is nice, perfect for those workdays when I need something with a bit more bite! The oolong is kind of wonderful.

      I put lavender in all my evening teas, haha, but two blends I like are chamomile+peppermint+rose, and chamomile+apple+cornflower (or other flower). They’re pretty easy to blend yourself, also! Maybe we can make some up in June 🙂

      • Yeah definitely, will try to blend some sleepy tea that doesn’t contain lavender. I’ll make sure I’m not working when you have the tea blending session!!! I wanted to go in the early but I was feeling a little laid back today so decided on a later time. I’m glad you the coffee one. I will try it one day

  2. i loved the maple chai! ah so good :). we mustve just missed you then? we got there about 10:30. yes the hot apple cider was so yummy tasted exactly like apple pie ah. there was so many samples i had haha, but i only left with 4, next year i will defiantly take more money!! and hopefully get the mciver tea i liked. another whole year left until the next one -sad face- haha

    • We left around 10, so we must have missed you by a little bit! I confess, I didn’t buy much this year because I’m still not finished drinking the haul I got last year!!

      • oh true 🙂 but i think next year we should get there at 9! it seems better to go early, i was getting extremely anxious with all the people and i saw a “anxioutea” so i drank that but i dont think it helped ^^; haha . i cant wait to see more tea posts *_*

  3. How nice that the festival date is always so close to your birthday, it seemed to me that you had a lovely day 🙂

    This post made me immediately wish for a cup of tea, especially the Maple Chai. And as you said, the packaging are really pretty!

    I wish there was something similiar here in Brazil, but we don’t have the tradicion of drinking tea as much as I would like.

    Your photos look, as always, lovely. The little acorns made everything more comforting and adorable. Thank you for this sweet post ♡

    • It’s such a lovely festival to have near my birthday! I was very spoiled this year, lucky me 🙂 I am so glad tea is finally becoming more popular here, it’s been coffee for so long (and I suspect coffee will always be more popular). Thank you ; v ; ♡

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