On My Desk: Turner Acryl Gouache Japanesque Colour

This beautiful set of acrylic gouache fell into my lap late last year, brought back from Japan and given to me as a gift. The set is called Japanesque, and features colours inspired by traditional Japanese paintings. They also feature a hefty array of metallics, a range of golds, bronzes, coppers and silvers with red, blue, green and black tints.

I use watercolour more than gouache, and I feel comfortable with watercolour, yet I wanted these as soon as I saw a picture online. There was no small amount of trepidation as I opened the lovely, green box and saw the neat array of rows. Each tube tilted precisely at an attractive angle. So much potential.

I’ve been using them for finishing touches, dabs of metallic shine, dashes of bold colour. But I wanted to paint something for this blog post, and so I quickly did a stylised study of some autumn garden finds.

There is something exhilarating about new art supplies. Something charming about struggling with a medium you don’t instinctively know. As much as I like my safe, cosy comfort zones, there is a lot of fun to be found when stepping out of it.

My challenge to myself for the rest of this year is to try new things, and new skills, and new techniques. I predict things might get messy for a little while, but I am excited to think what might develop from it.


  1. Oh no, I’m late :/

    The colours of this set are really stunning!
    I’ve never used gouache before, I might give it a try in the future since I love experimenting new things 🙂
    I loved the illustration that you did for this post ♡

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