• Cradle Mountain sketches (with pencils)

    The landscape at the heart of Tasmania has always taken my breath away. Snow-sharp wind and russet plains of buttongrass and coral fern, the scraping shadows of low cloud, and beyond it all, the ...

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    Cradle Mountain sketches (with pencils)
  • Pocket Sketches

    I am quite a lazy artist, all things considered, and when I travel I don't often take a full sketching kit with me everywhere I go. Which is why I began carrying a small matchbox-sized notebook and a ...

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    Pocket Sketches
  • Stacking Up Small Steps

    I am a serial list maker. I make work lists, design lists, shopping lists, wish lists . . . it just goes on. I am not, however, so good at checking things off those lists. Being a bit of a day ...

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    Stacking Up Small Steps
  • In the studio, sketchbook studies.

    I promised myself that I would share my sketches, studies and creative process this year (even though the thought makes me want to hide). I set myself a list of studies to undertake this month, and ...

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    In the studio, sketchbook studies.
  • March Month of Studies

    I'm slowly gathering equipment for my new studio. I can see it piecing together, but the space is frustratingly not useable just quite yet. (As ever, I need patience). In the meantime, I want to start ...

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    March Month of Studies

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